Explore the World of Art with Créatif Pleasanton

Créatif Pleasanton is a community-oriented space that provides educational opportunities through art classes for both children and adults. Our programs are designed to offer a holistic learning experience, and we provide all the materials and supplies needed for art projects. Whether you're looking to commemorate a company or brand with an engraved logo or brick, or you want to help your child explore the world of art, Créatif Pleasanton has something for everyone. Introducing creative thinking to children through visual arts can help them relate to the world around them. At Créatif Pleasanton, we offer classes for children as young as two years old, with basic instructions and simple tools such as fingers, sponges, and thick brushes.

As they get older, we can provide an individual approach to help them develop their unique ideas and create a masterpiece. The Bankhead Theater is a modern facility that houses ten resident companies with more than 270 combined years of artistic experience. These organizations are able to grow artistically and institutionally, develop audiences, and collaborate on key projects while maintaining their respective missions and identities. Additionally, Del Valle Fine Arts has been presenting excellent classical music concerts in Livermore for more than 35 years. If you're looking for art classes for your child in Pleasanton, CA, Créatif Pleasanton is the perfect place. We offer a variety of programs that are suitable for children of all ages.

You can find camp and class schedules and grades sorted by age, price, proximity, and plan together with other parents. So come join us at Créatif Pleasanton and let your child explore the world of art!.

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