Unlock Your Child's Creative Side with Arts and Crafts Classes in Pleasanton, CA

Are you looking for a way to help your child explore their creative side? If so, then arts and crafts classes in Pleasanton, CA may be the perfect solution. With the help of an experienced educator and researcher of visual art and design, Nidhi L Sharda, you can give your child the opportunity to foster their creative side and refine the skills they need for the future. At Kalaa, Nidhi's design studio in Pleasanton, CA, students can learn about art appreciation, art styles of famous artists, traditional Indian art forms, and art in various media. Through a systematic and comprehensive visual arts program, students can develop their creativity and techniques.

Nidhi is also experienced in the field of natural dyes, sustainable design, Indian textiles, and surface art. In addition to teaching students about the elements and principles of art and design such as dots, lines, shapes, color, and space, Nidhi also helps them create beautiful works of art with ease. She knows how to make it fun for students while still helping them learn. Nidhi has been responsible for guiding design projects for the collection of designs and for supervising research projects at the doctoral and graduate levels.

She has also planned and managed departmental goals, including the international academic program. In addition to this, she has attended the Luz Fine Arts Gallery to study painting and exhibited works at the San Mateo art exhibition for several years, winning several awards. If your child is interested in painting or making a mess at home with crafts, don't worry - they are learning and growing in essential ways while having fun. With Nidhi's help at Kalaa in Pleasanton, CA, you can give your child the opportunity to explore their creative side while learning about art appreciation and techniques.

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