Exploring the Art Scene in Pleasanton, CA - A Guide

Are you looking for a place to discover the art scene in Pleasanton, CA? Look no further than Studio Seven Arts! This gallery is home to a wide variety of established and emerging artists from the San Francisco Bay Area. From Tim Cotterill's Frogman statues to Will Bullas's fun paintings to Josef Kote's symphonies of light and color, you'll find something to suit your taste. The Harrington Gallery also presents seven group exhibitions per year, featuring works by local and regional artists. Studio Seven Arts carefully selects artists with personal appeal. These creators understand how to address the needs of residential and commercial clients, and how to meet those needs with a framework that accentuates their art.

You'll find an eclectic collection of decorative and functional works on display and for sale, including painting, drawing, photography, sculpture, ceramic art, portable art, jewelry, engravings and note cards. The Little Company and Disney are just two of the many American artists whose pieces are available at Studio Seven Arts. Each piece has been skillfully crafted by these talented individuals who take pride in their ability to create a unique piece just for you. Whether you're looking for a one-of-a-kind item or something more traditional, you'll find it at Studio Seven Arts. So if you're searching for a place to explore the art scene in Pleasanton, CA, be sure to check out Studio Seven Arts. With its wide selection of established and emerging artists from the San Francisco Bay Area, you're sure to find something that speaks to you.

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