Explore the World of Art with Classes for Seniors in Pleasanton, CA

Are you a senior looking for an opportunity to explore your creative side in Pleasanton, CA? Look no further! Del Valle Fine Arts, Bankhead Theater, Richmond Art Center, and Bothwell Arts Center are just some of the places that offer a variety of art classes for seniors. Del Valle Fine Arts has been presenting excellent classical music concerts in Livermore for more than 35 years. They offer classes in ceramics, origami, drawing, painting and photography. The Bankhead Theater is a state-of-the-art facility that houses ten resident companies with more than 270 combined years of artistic experience.

They offer classes in Chinese art and history, world art history, writing, ceramics, drawing, painting and poetry and art therapy. The Richmond Art Center offers a variety of classes for beginners and advanced students on ceramics, metals, enameling, screen printing, encaustics, engraving, collage, drawing, painting, fiber arts, weaving, jewelry and much more. LOGO & BRICK ART is another great option for seniors who want to commemorate a company or brand or create their own personalized design while supporting the arts with an engraved logo or an artistic brick. Rae Dorough's lecture series features leading thinkers from science, literature and the arts who discuss current issues of particular interest to the Livermore community in the privacy of the Bankhead Theatre.

Barbara is a successful, award-winning artist and has been teaching engaging and inspiring art classes at the Bothwell Arts Center. They have classes in ceramics and sculpture, decorative and fiber arts, digital media and photography, drawing, painting and engraving, and classes in glass and jewelry. Classes and workshops include drawing, watercolor, figure, oil painting, sketching, printing, mixed media and photography. A young child needs enough space to explore and discover art materials while a teenage artist may need an individual approach to develop their unique ideas and translate them into a masterpiece. Seniors can find plenty of options to express their creativity in Pleasanton. From classical music concerts to art classes that help develop skills in painting or sculpting - there is something for everyone! So don't wait any longer - start exploring the world of art today!.

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